Title: Good Practice in Section 47 Enquiries

Duration: 3 days

Aim: To explore ways in which you can work more effectively with children, families, the police and other agencies during this process.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course participants will:

  1. Understand the processes involved in undertaking a Section 47 enquiry

  2. Understand how the "Best Evidence" Guidance should be applied during child protection enquiries

  3. Be clear about the roles, responsibilities & expectations between the police and social workers in this process.

  4. Have an understanding of the range of criminal offences which may be considered during a Section 47 enquiry.

  5. Review the civil law in relation to protecting children

  6. Understand differing thresholds in relation to criminal and civil law when protecting children

  7. Understand how to have effective strategy discussions

  8. Understand what is meant by "authoritative practice" and begin to reflect on this in relation their own practice

  9. Further develop skills in risk assessment and analysis.

All training is delivered within a framework of anti-oppressive practice.